I am here to help you to get back in form!

About me

Hi! I am Giaele Thiel and I am here to help you get back in form.

“Become the best version of yourself!”

As an authorized & Certified Personal Trainer, my goal is to help mums or women, in general, to get in shape again with an easy and with zero equipment workout, 3 times a week for 40 minutes.
My journey as a fitness freak started in 2012 after giving birth to my second child. I really wanted to get rid of the weight I put on during the pregnancy and I hired a Personal trainer myself. I had to invest in my health!

He showed my way to get in shape again and he explained to me that dumbbells were no enemies at all. I changed everything, including my nutrition and fitness became very soon my new lifestyle.

Since then I feel younger, fitter, more flexible but the most important I feel way more CONFIDENTThis new feeling of confidence led me to the new path I’m still on: Become a Personal Trainer. My mission is to hand over my passion and the feeling of achieving whatever you want! You just have to commit!

Let me be your motivator and let’s start today!

Get ready to tone up, increase your energy, loose weight and feel confident!