I am here to help you to get back in form!
womenI have to say this lady actually works wonders I first saw results just two weeks after starting and now I really feel motivated to reach my goals! Giaele is an incredible lady whom is dedicated to getting you to your goal, she always pushes you to push your self and keeps you motivated by always having an action-packed work out ready and spurring you on throughout the session ……. Give me 3 more When I started I was only able to do 15 sit ups and now I often do up to 200 in a session along with many varied exercises ! I love my three sessions a week and the added bonus is that she comes to me in the comfort of my own home so I don’t feel uncomfortable about other people seeing my wobbly bits as I workout and I don’t have to rely on someone to mind my daughter. In fact, she has now become part of my workout as she adds extra weight to some of my exercises! So if you are thinking about starting with Giaele I would say stop thinking about it and start doing it you will not regret it …… I certainly don’t.Rebekah Foley
Lady with a childJust started working out with Giaele and I already feel like that she will help me reach my goals! It’s great that she comes to your place to work out. Not always easy to get out with a 4 month old! Looking forward to seeing the results of her training sessions soon!Michaelle Behan